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A way to balance and heal

A great healing art as well as a science, the Unani System of Medicine is regarded as traditional and alternative systems of medicines by WHO, practiced from ancient times. It started with the base collected by muslims in the early phase of Islamic history mainly from Greek sources, in addition to the medical knowledge from Persia, Syria, India and Byzantine Rome. The Arab physicians like Al Razi & Ibn Sina added to this body their own observations, research and experience. They brought together the Greek and Islamic principals of medicine.

Widely practiced in India, Unani is a complete system encompassing all aspects and all fields of medical care from nutrition and hygiene to psychiatric treatment. Its best known for its curative as well as preventive efficiencies. The system developed a flourishing medical science which gave priority to the preservation of health over the curing of ailments.

It’s not just a treatment plan in a course of illness, but also a way to live a healthy life free of diseases, with strength and vitality and improve longitivety.

This system is based on the Hippocratic theory of 4 humors, Blood, Phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. Our body constitution is made up of these 4 humors.Any imbalance in the quality or the quantity of these 4 humors leads to disease or sickness. Unani physician tries to bring back these 4 humors into balance and restore health.

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Contact Us

Dr. Benazir Quraishi

Dr. Benazir is having 25 years of broad clinical experience in India & UAE. After graduating with ‘Bachelors of Unani with modern medicine & surgery’ from India she worked for renowned hospital in Mumbai for 5yrs. Currently practicing in Dubai UAE from past 20years.

She is also having PG Diploma in Naturopathy and clinical nutrition. She is the president of Emirates Unani doctors association in Dubai.

She is well experienced in doing Unani consultation and pulse reading to identify the person’s body constitution and temperament and give advice on the treatment plan as per the concern of the person through treatments, Unani herbal medication and dietary advices. She prescribes preventive remedies to build up the immune system and prevent from different conditions.

She handles both acute and chronic cases especially skin ailments, Muskulo skeletal conditions, Disc problems, PCOD, Digestive abnormalities, Liver dysfunctions, Migrane, Headaches, Insomnia, depression, Diabetes Mellitus High blood pressure, Autoimmunue Conditions like Psoriasis, Ulcerative colitis, IBS, Vitiligo, Alopecia areata, etc.

She is also a certified International association Infant Massage instructor and conducts classes for parents to teach them the correct techniques to massage their babies.

Our Services

A line of treatments starts with thorough consultation to understand the temperament or Mizaj of a person and accordingly the treatment plan is decided.

The physician can advise a treatment plan including Herbel prescriptions and therapies like body massage therapies, cupping therapy etc.

The prescriptions are natural remedies customized as per the temperament of the person, or are formulated compounds.

Simple changes in diet is also one of the most important aspect of the line of treatment in Unani, the physician advices the diet which is most suitable for the patient.

Unani system is an appropriate answer to be considered in treating Lifestyle or the chronic diseases, which people keep suffering for years without any much relief.

Conditions like, Migraines, Hormonal imbalances, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Disc problems, Pains and aches, Insomnia, Stress and depression, Fatty liver disease, Improving gut health, Autoimmune conditions like Psoriais, Vitiligo, Ulcerative colitis, Infertility, PCOD etc.  They are mostly tackled with lot of care and best results with changes in diet, regimental therapies and herbal medications.

Cupping is a holistic therapy that creates vacuum by using suction cups on different points of the body. The suction draws the skin up in the cups, relieving the congestion and blockages and bringing deep seated toxins towards the surface for elimination; this improves the flow of vital forces and fluids in the body and is regarded as the best way to detox. Specific points are chosen according to the concern of the person whether it be for detoxification for any other therapeutic conditions.

Benefits in general:                                                             

Improves the blood circulation

Improves the immune system.

Process of detoxification

Improves lymphatic drainage

Relieves pains and aches.

2 types:
 Dry cupping (without bloodletting).

 Wet cupping/Hijama (with bloodletting).

 Face cupping: (Dry)  Is a non invasive treatment uses small specially designed cups to lift and massage the facial tissues, this works to improve the facial blood circulation. Promotes a healthy lymphatic system and draining out the toxins. This minimizes the effect of sun and environmental damage, as well as aging.

Hijama for Detoxification and well being: Wet (Hijama)

Promotes free flow of body’s energy, blood and fluids, detoxifying and removing congestion. The immune system is stimulated as well as production of new and healthier blood cells. Cupping therapy gives you a feeling of complete well being.

Hijama for Therapeutic conditions: Dry and Wet (Hijama):

Therapy for detoxification, to restore your health and wellbeing and aid the recovery from various conditions such as back aches, lumbago, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, rheumatism, headaches, migraine, stress, Insomnia, bloating, indigestion, chronic constipation and acidity, hormonal imbalances, Infertility, IBS to name a few.

Means physical mode of treatment which can be body massages, or body treatments. 

Therapies are meant for expulsion or elimination of morbid material, as accumulation of morbid material is responsible for causation of diseases. By application of regimental therapies normal health can be restored. Cupping, massage and purgation are essential part of regimental therapies and are used for therapeutic and preventive purpose since centuries by Unani physicians.

  1. Body massages (Dalk):
    Soft massage (Dalk e Layyan): is sedative and relaxant; Improves the lymphatic drainage.

Dry and hard massage ( Dalk e Sulb): Increases the blood supply, breaks down the cellulites.

Balanced moderate Massage (Dalk e Motadil): with oil relaxes the muscles and softens the skin.

  1. Herbal poultice massage (Tikon wa Zimad)
    Medicated herbal poultice are prepared and dipped in medicated oil to massage the concern areas to relief pain and aches, to heal and for detoxification.
  1. Takmeed: (Retention of Medicated Oil)
    Takmeed Unuq: (Oil retention therapy neck)

Medicated warm oil is poured on the affected area of the neck to heal and reduce the inflammation. Beneficial in cervical spondylosis.

      4. Takmeed Raqba:(Oil retention therapy Knees)

Medicated warm oil is pour and retained on the knee to improve knee flexibility and reduce inflammation.

      5. Takmeed Khaseera: (Oil retention therapy Back)

Treatment for lower back pain, medicated oil is used to reduce the inflammation and strengthened the back muscles, relives pain and inflammation.

Nutool: Pouring of oil on forehead or the concern area of the body.

Pouring of medicated oils, prepared herbal concoctions or decoctions on the forehead or the targeted body areas as per the concerns.

The head area is to relief the symptoms of headache, migraines, stress, insomnia, hairfall and calms the mind.

Teaching parents the correct techniques in massaging babies aged 1-12 months.

Benefits of this program are:

  1. Promotes bonding and secure attachment between the parent and baby
  2. Stimulates circulation, digestion and immune system
  3. Improves coordination and balance, muscular development, growth and weight gain
  4. Relives gas and colic, constipation, excess mucus, teething discomfort, sensitivity to touch
  5. Enhances flexibility, reduces baby’s stress and Irritability and improves sleep patterns
  6. Helps parents to understand baby’s non-verbal language and cues

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